Stretch it on. CellGrasp™ - $9.99 (Free US Shipping)

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• There is no safe way to hold a smartphone.
• A real problem that requires a real solution.
• People are searching for answers.
• A broken screen up to $200.00 for repairs.

My mission is to get you really connected with your phone, save your digital lifestyle and improve your pics and vids as well as your general phone experience. Guaranteed.” Capt. Paul

I have made CellGrasp™ superior from the others with these few differences:

• CellGrasp slips on and off in a few seconds. No glues, tapes or velcro. Use instantly.
• One simple piece construction. No moving parts, nothing to break. Soft and comfy.
• Two sizes fit most phones with or without cases. Your equipment. Nothing to change.
• The grip allows you to view your screen vertical or horizontal by changing your finger position.
• The ultra-clear, flexible, touch sensitive lens allows access all your screen functions.
• Strong grip keeps your phone on your hand in ALL positions. No exit point!
• Improves stability for better pics, vids and selfies. Go LIVE with complete comfort and security.

You will NEVER have to grip or hold your phone again. (Translation: No more dropping your phone.)

We produce CellGrasps in two sizes that fit most smart phones and cases. Click Here for sizing recommendations.

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Enter Quantity During Checkout
Enter Quantity During Checkout

• 100% Money Back Guarantee. We stand behind each and every CellGrasp™ we produce.

Cell phones get bumped, slip, fall and break...
CellGrasp™ improves and resolves the many problems of holding your phone by your finger tips.

Slip it on your phone. Insert your fingers. Use CellGrasp™ instantly.

Amazing ultra-clear, flexible, touch-sensitive lens.

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Tips • Pics • Vids • Ideas

I’m a sailing captain, magician and musician. I’ve lived my life simply and differently. It freaks some people out.

My patented design sets CellGrasp™ apart from all the others. I’m proud of that. Simple and different. We like that around here. You will too.

Welcome to the CellGrasp™ Family. Welcome to Simple. - Capt. Paul

CellGrasp™ - Patented: US 9496909

A portion of each CellGrasp™ sold goes to provide educational supplies, food and clean water to the ones that need them around the world.

We are a sustainable business. We believe in People, Planet and Profit.

Buy a CellGrasp™, improve a life. We like that.

Each CellGrasp™ is inspected during the manufacturing process. Each CellGrasp™ is backed with a 100% money back guarantee. We know you’ll love what you buy.
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Each CellGrasp™ is proudly cut, assembled, sewn, marketed and shipped from the United States of America. We are doing our best to stay here in the USA.