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Don't be afraid to contact us. There are real people here that want to make sure you are taken care of. It's the way it is at CellGrasp.

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Capt. Paul West

16970 San Carlos Blvd. #160-188

Fort Myers, FL 33908


Just like slipping a seatbelt on your phone.

Welcome Aboard

What We Are All About

A Little History

So here's the story. I'm a sailing captain. I've been watching people for over two decades dropping there phones on deck an over the side of my vessel. It's never a good ending, but a great story for them to tell back home.

I started looking for wrist straps to share with my customers, they were not available for cell phones.

So I decided I'd make a case for cell phones with a little hole in the corner so that a wrist strap could be attached to their phones so they would not hit the deck or the sea when dropped.

After a little research, I realized that was a very stupid idea. Do you know how many types of cell phones are on the market? Do you know how may colors and styles? So that was out of the question. A month or two later, I had a dream...

The main two things I wanted in my little device was it had to fit all phones and cases and it had to just slip on and off so there were no attachments like glue, tapes or Velcro that attach the unit to the cell phone or case. The solution is amazingly simple. One continuous loop. One side has a CLEAR, FLEXIBLE TOUCH SENSITIVE LENS and the other side has elastic finger loops. That's it. The patent office loved it. US Patent - US 9496909.

I started using one on the boat. People saw it and they wanted one, so one thing let to another. Welcome to the World of CellGrasp.

Below are our social media links. Youtube has some nice video. CLICK HERE to go there now.

See you on the dock...

Capt. Paul

s/v Panacea

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