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Be the BEST Mobile Photograper You Can Be

You get the BEST shots when dropping your phone is not in the equation.

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The Patented Tech Difference: It's a loop.
One side is the adjustable grip. The other side is the ultra-clear touch sensitive lens.
  Simplicity. Slip it on when you need the security. Slip it off when you don't. 

No sticky stuff. No Glues, 3M Tape or Velcro.

Just slip it on & slip it off. No installation.

Today is the Day - Get Better Pics NOW

I have some information for you about mobile photography. I don't know if you've noticed, but a phone is not very easy to hold and keep safe while shooting the shots that make you look like you care about your photography.

I cover tips, tricks and ideas about how to get the best shots out of your phone with or without a CellGrasp, but to tell you the truth, I don't shoot without that little strap.

It makes your phone feel like a DSLR camera in your hand.

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So push your photography to the limits. Show your stuff. Be the best that you know that you are. Join me. Let's play.

Capt. Paul West

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