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Hand made by humans in Florida, USA

Join me today. Secure your phone to your hand and improve your photography.

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I've got tips, lessons and ideas. I'll walk you through, step by step instructions. I'll share with you pre-production and post-production procedures that will improve your mobile photography thru videos, links and point you to cool software to use.

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Introducing the patented Ultra-clear, flexible, touch-sensitive lens.

Don't Drop That Phone


• Slip it on when you want it.

• Slip if off when you're done.

• No glues, 3M tape or Velcro.

• Two sizes. Any phone w/wo a case.

Get the Shot you want.

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Finally use your phone like a "Real" camera?
Do you want better Pics, Vids & Selfies instantly?
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Here's What Folks Are Saying

Today you can add a removable "DSLR" style strap to your phone.

"Phones are slim, light, and not ergonomically comfortable to hold while trying to get a steady picture. I was sick of dropping my phone." Capt. Paul

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